Boy Scout Prices Realized Guide Medals & Awards [Instant Download]

Boy Scout Prices Realized Guide Medals & Awards [Instant Download]

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Collectors,there's one central question when trying to buy, sell, or trade Boy Scout memorabilia...What is it worth?   But what if there were a Prices Realized Guide that contained thousands of images, descriptions, and all historical data?  What if there were a guide written just for you that contained hundreds of the best items known to have sold in your field over the last year - would you want it? As the publisher of the Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter I track the best items in the Boy Scout category of eBay and send out multiple newsletters during the week to thousands of interested Scouters.  Now, after a year-long project I am rolling out a valuable reference guide that took hundreds of hours to compile.  The Boy Scout Memorabilia Prices Realized Guides are a series of eBooks that focus on specific areas of collecting interest in the hobby.  Each book documents all known items that sold for more than $100 from that niche.  The guides contain all of the historical information about that sale including the images, sales price and descriptions so that you can reference the very best items for your collection.

This edition is 82 pages long and contains a hundreds of items that sold during 2011 that you would classify as BSA Awards & Medals.  Things such as Explorer Silver and Ranger medals, Silver Beaver Ribbons and much more.