The Camp Book II Version 3 (2021) Definitive Guide To BSA Camps 1612 Pages Instant Electronic Download PDF

The Camp Book II Version 3 (2021) Definitive Guide To BSA Camps 1612 Pages Instant Electronic Download PDF

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Camping has always been a significant facet of the Scouting program. From the earliest days of the BSA emblems have often been given to campers as a memento of their camp experience. Since the collecting gene is embedded in many people, many Scouts began collecting these emblems. This book is dedicated to helping camp patch collectors identify their patches and record what is in their collections.

We have included many non-BS camps that have issued patches that may easily be confused with BSA camp patches. The book's data has been sorted into four sections: by CAMP NAME, by COUNCIL NAME, by STATE NAME and a separate section listing SEGREGATED SCOUT CAMPS (SSC's). There is a checkoff box at the beginning of each entry for you to indicate which camp patches you have in your collection. Note that some SSC's were dedicated camps only used for Scouts of color and others were Council camps that dedicated one week, usually at the end of the Summer, for only Black Scouts. Camp names are listed in the different forms that may have appeared on patches. Most camps named after a person include separate listings with "Camp Full Name" and "Camp Last Name". The latter usually has a note to (see Camp Full Name) unless the camp is usually known as "Camp Last Name" Occasionally, a camp may have changed from a Camp to a Scout Reservation so both designations are listed. Cub, Explorer, Winter, Wilderness, High[1]Adventure, Troop etc., camps are also included.

We strongly recommend you review the list of abbreviations used in this book. Hopefully, most will be self-explanatory but a few may need some clarification. For instance, in the New/Updated column (N/U), an "N" means it is a totally new listing and a "U" means it is a updated listing from a previous edition of this book. In the PATCH ISSUED column, an "X" means a previous edition of this book had an X in the patch column but I could not personally verify its existence. A "C" in this column means a patch has been confirmed, being in my collection, John Hoffman’s collection, or in the collection of another contributor to this book. In the STATE column, a "XX" means it is a Scout camp but the Council has not been identified and a "ZZ" means it is a non-BSA camp. "Can" in the State column means a Canadian Camp and "OS" means an Overseas Camp. Please note that all "MT" camps are written "Mount" and all "ST" camps are written "Saint" for sorting purposes. All known Second Class Councils are listed along with First Class Councils, 2nd Class Councils did not have a Scout Executive and existed mostly in the teens and early 1920's. If a 2nd Class Council had a number, it is listed with an "S" after the Council number which is written after the Council name. If it did NOT have a number assigned by National, "2nd Class" is written after the Council name. If there is no known camp for a particular Council, it will be listed as "ZZZ - Camp Name unknown". Likewise, if the Council of a camp patch is unidentified, in the Council column, it is listed as "ZZZ - Council Name unknown". If it is a non-BSA camp, it will be described as well as possible such as "ZZZ - Church Camp". The Z's help with the sorting, putting the unknown listings at the end. The Council listings are current as of the end of the year 2020.

The Camp Book II Version 3 is 1612 pages long. This book will be mailed to you via USPS on a cd as an electronic book in .PDF format.

Bob Sherman, Dave Minnihan, and Kevin Doyle along with dedicated State Editors have been working nearly 30 years to put together this 2021 update to the original Camp Book.

The original book, published in 1993 was a little over 200 pages in length and contained what we knew about BSA camps at that time.  The Camp Book II published in 2012 was 1000 pages in length and listed all known BSA camps by Camp Name, by Council Name and by State to provide an outstanding resource for identifying BSA camps.  The Camp Book II Version 2 released in 2012 updated that work with 2500 more camp listings and the addition of 400 council names.

Our book contains the opening and closing dates of many camps and the progression of different Councils that owned each camp from 1910 right up to the 2020 Council mergers. There is an indication if there is a known patch from each camp as well as a box for the reader to check off if they have a patch from that camp.  Segregated Scout Camps (SSC's) are identified and there is also a separate section listing the known SSC's.