Over the last 5 years I have relocated my online business three times as we moved from Eastern NC to Charlotte. I eventually settled into a 2000 sq foot warehouse. One of the challenges to having tens of thousands of live SKUs for sale on the Internet is keeping things organized.  When a customer buys a patch I need to be able to put my hands on it instantly and get it in the mail without digging.  To that end as I designed my new warehouse this year I knew one thing I was frustrated by was the bin boxes I was using on my shelves. 

Over the years I gathered a menagerie of boxes from other dealers and Amazon .  After all these moves many of them were pretty beat up from moving.  That prompted me to reach out to a manufacturing company to see if I could get a custom box made to meet my needs.  It took months of back and forth (including 2 failed prototypes) but I eventually settled on a simple design that is just right.  Yesterday a pallet was delivered with 400 of these new boxes.

The next step is for me to create inventory labels (I'm an old school whiz at mail merge in MS Word).  From there I'll start inventorying everything in my store as I resort it into these new boxes.  This slow moving project might take me the rest of the summer to complete but it's a necessary step.  In the past when I've conducted inventories I've come across many items that are not actually listed for sale even though I had every indication they were.

I'll share pictures of the finished project when I get through the stacks.  :) Jason