Friday night at the Girl Scout Jamboree we had a social that included a structured time for exchanging swaps and patches.  Now if you have not lived in the Girl Scout world then the word "swap" might not really register with you.  Essentially these are hand made items designed to be pinned on a lanyard or other surface that have a cute theme.  Some of them may include the name and hometown of the Girl that created them (think the old camp wide game cards from BSA Jamborees). 

In the end the trio of Scouts filled a gallon sized bag with all their trades.  They divided up the spoils of the night and at my urging agreed to share some of the duplicates with the other members of the troop that had walked back to camp instead of coming to the social. 

If swapping Girl Scout patches or true swaps is something you'd like to check out there are multiple Facebook Groups devoted to this (many of which I am a member of).  For ideas on how to create swaps just go to Pintrest and prepared to be blown away.